The Bernese Mountain Dog Kennel

at Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, CANADA

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Heading 1

Moritz and Senta guarding our driveway

Heading 2

Senta on our dock on the Bras d'Or Lake

Heading 3

Senta on snow bank near Castle Senta

Heading 4

Claudia and Moritz on Max Bridge

Heading 5

Our Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies sleeping

Heading 6

Senta and Moritz run to welcome you

Heading 7

Claudia and Moritz at Inverness Beach

Heading 8

Senta and Moritz

Heading 9

Senta and Moritz

Heading 10

Senta, Moritz and Claudia at SAUNA House

Heading 11

Moritz and Claudia enjoy Inverness Beach

Heading 12

Three Bernese Puppies exploring water

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themed object the heart of Cape Breton Island, at the Shore of the Bras d'Or Lake

  • All Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies moved to their new homes.
  • Information about the next litter will be posted as soon as we know!
  • The next litter will be expected in 2015.
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Welcome to Cape Bernese

The Bernese Mountain Dog Kennel

in the heart of Cape Breton Island, at the Shore of the Bras d'Or Lake

in Nova Scotia, CANADA


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Newest Puppy Photos 2014


This website is about the Bernese Mountain Dog – our Bernese Mountain Dogs, and about our Bernese Mountain Dog puppies. And it is about our Kennel “Cape Bernese”.

We would like to introduce us and our wonderful dogs. We invite you to share our delight and rapture for our dogs and for this breed.
You are welcome to join us on the wave of enthusiasm for Bernese Mountain Dogs.

If you are looking for general information about this breed, you will find many much specialized websites and books. Many of those information-sources you will find in German language.
No wonder, the name "Bernese Mountain Dog" relates to the mostly German speaking City in Switzerland: "Bern".
Most people familiar with these dogs associate the Bernese Mountain Dog, or short "Berner", with the history of Switzerland and the Swiss Alps and the Swiss Heritage.
By the way, "Bern" is not just the word for the City of Bern, it is also the name for the Region (Kanton) Bern in Switzerland, something like a province in Canada, with its capital "Bern".

For the last couple hundred years, the Bernese Mountain Dog was an typical working dog on many farms in and around the Swiss Alps. He was used in the City of Bern and in wide rural areas around the Mediterranean as a watch dog and for guardian purposes.

The breed of the Bernese Mountain Dog is old, I mean realy old.
And nobody knows for sure, how old exactly this breed is. Accordingly to many sources it is believed, that the ancestors of the Bernese Mountain Dogs have been guard dogs for the old Romans and in ancient times they came with Hannibal to cross the Alps from…why...who knows.
Bernese Mountain Dog exhibition Berna 1904 One of the milestones in becoming the Bernese Mountain Dogs an internationally recognized dog breed, was the International dog exhibition "Berna" in 1904 in the Swiss city Bern.

The Judge Fritz Probst and Prof. Dr. Alber Heim are maybe the most important patronizers of this dog breed and its standards.
Some say that the world owes these gentleman the Bernese Mountain Dog standard. Until around then these dogs are called "Dürrbächler" after a farm and tavern in the very little village of Dürrbach near Bern in Switzerland.

This picture is from the Swiss Club for Bernese Mountain Dogs

Nobody did expect the "Dürrbächler" dog becoming famous all over the world as the “Bernese Mountain Dog” just hundred years later. Thank you Mr. Probst and Mr. Heim!

More about the history of the Bernese Mountain Dogs and much more detailed information about this breed you will find at the website of the Swiss Club for Bernese Mountain Dogs or the German Club for Bernese Mountain Dogs.

If you are just looking for some general information about this amazing dog breed without having the intention of becoming an “Kynologe”(Cynology - the study of matters related to canines or domestic dogs), you are maybe on the right website.
If you enjoy looking at some Bernese Mountain Dog photos, especially at photos from Bernese Mountain Dog puppies: you found the place.
On this little family-made website we would like to introduce us and our Bernese Mountain Dog Kennel here at Cape Breton Island, not more and not less.


If you are also thinking about sharing your home and life with a Bernese Mountain Dog, you are welcome to drop us a line.

But we warn you! We don't sell dogs!

We might place a Bernese Mountain Dog baby for adoption! That is a huge difference for us.
We hope for you as well.

It has our highest priority to find out if somebody would be the best fit to provide our Berner baby the perfect new home.

That is why we have a lot of questions for you and we would like to find out a lot of information about you, about your family and about your situation.
We encourage you to do the same with us.

If you want to stop by to buy a puppy, maybe for Christmas or as a birthday present, or if you are not ready to complete our questionnaire, please do not contact us.


You are welcome to meet us and our dogs at our place at Cape Breton Island. And if the time comes (after week four), meet the puppies in person (as often as you like).
All of our dogs are family members and live in our family home together with us.

We have to admit, we never really searched for the best blood lines for breeding purposes. We knew from the beginning: if you want to breed Bernese Mountain Dogs, the parents have to have Swiss, German or Scandinavian blood lines! And that's that!

Both of our current Berners, “Moritz” and “Senta”, come from European bloodlines and have been certified to be free from hip and elbow dysplasia.

More information about our litters you will find here.

We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada (BMDCC).
All puppies will have up-to-date vaccines, will be veterinary checked and micro chipped - no exemptions.

Of course they are all CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) registered.


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